Who Can Qualify?

Your organization can qualify to participate if you meet the following criteria:


1. have registered (or applied for) your trademark, for which you want to register your domain name, before 11 July 2005
2. are a fully paid member in good standing of one of the above industry associations

  If the answer to both of the above is “YES”, then you can
register your domain name with an ICANN accredited and dotmobi authorized registrar during the 8 day Limited Sunrise Registration Period (22-29 May 2006)

You may choose to use your own registrar, or any of the other ICANN accredited and dotmobi authorized registrars who are able to process your registration requests starting on May 22nd.

It is advisable that you start the process of collecting all the appropriate trademark and brandnames and associated documentation, well in advance of the May 22nd 2006 date.

Please note: mTLD will rely solely on the associations for list of qualifying members, and will in no way grant nor arbiter any requests for registrations from an organization not on that list. If an organization is not listed as a member by at least one of the associations, the domain name(s) registered by them via their registrar of choice will be revoked. Organizations may only pre-register their trademark name as it appears as a member of the trade association. A trademark name will not be pre-registered if proof of membership of that name cannot be confirmed. In addition, mTLD holds no responsibility for trade association members failing to register their trademark domain name as a result of failing to comply.
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