.mobi Advisory Group

What is the .mobi Advisory Group (MAG)?

  The .mobi Advisory Group (MAG) is the ‘eyes and ears’ of mTLD. Through MAG, mTLD can reach out to the mobile Internet consumer, keep in touch with trends and understand, assess and prioritise the needs of the entire community. In turn, the MAG gives its members the opportunity to shape the future of the mobile Internet.

MAG membership is open to all commercial and trade association players in the mobile and ICT world. You might be a mobile content provider, developer, mobile operator, mobile device manufacturer or registrar. Or you might represent another interested party from the industry. If you feel you have something valuable to add as a dotmobi stakeholder, then MAG’s doors are open for you.

We want the MAG to represent the diverse views of the mobile Internet community. We want an active membership, made up of thought leaders and people who can drive through change.

We want MAG members to advise on, debate, demand and deliver the evolution that will make dotmobi a universal success. We look to the MAG to help mTLD solve the needs of the mobile Internet consumer.

MAG members will have the opportunity to propose policy recommendations to the Policy Advisory Board (PAB) via the MAG Steering Committee. Five elected MAG members will also participate in the PAB.

MAG meetings will be mostly virtual, as befits a global mobile and online community. MAG will shortly have its own dedicated website with a link available through this MTLD site. However, there will be at least one physical meeting each year.

MAG will be a self-organising, self-financing, not-for-profit organisation. Members will be asked to pay an annual fee to cover running costs.

The current five person MAG interim Steering Committee serves for a six month term (to end May 2006) and is overseeing the set-up and establishment of the group. A Chair co-ordinates and chairs all meetings and discussion. For this same period, the mTLD MAG liaison officer acts as General Secretariat to assist MAG in its set-up operations.
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