Availability and Rollout plan
  • Limited Industry SunriseMay 22nd to May 29th
  • Trademark SunriseJune 12th to August 21st
  • LandrushAugust 28th to September 10th
  • Ongoingfrom September 14th
Rollout Plan Overview
Dotmobi launches in late May 2006 with a Sunrise Registration Period open to Trademark holders. This will be followed in late August with the General Registration Period, open to the public, which continues indefinitely.

Sunrise Registration
The Sunrise Registration is an opportunity for trademark holders to register their trademarks as dotmobi names. This is divided into two time periods:

— Limited Industry Sunrise
On Monday May 22nd the mobile industry will have an opportunity to register their Trademark names as dotmobi domain names. The mobile industry will be defined by mTLD and will consist of companies that are members of mobile industry organisations such as GSMA, CTIA and MMA. This Limited Industry Sunrise will continue until Monday May 29th.

— Trademark Sunrise
Monday June 12th is the start of the Trademark Sunrise when all other trademark holders can register their trademark as dotmobi domain names. Trademark Sunrise will continue until Monday August 21st, a period of 70 days.

General Registration
Beginning on August 28th dotmobi registration is open to everyone. This is known as General Registration which continues indefinitely. General Registration commences with a short two week registration period known as Landrush when desirable dotmobi domain names may be registered at a premium price.
Sunrise requirements & restrictions
  • Trademark owners will have to provide the following information when registering their names during the Sunrise Registration Period
    • Trademark name (must be three or more ASCII characters)
    • Trademark identification number
    • Date of Trademark application (this date must be before July 11th 2005)
    • Date of granting of trademark
  • Country of trademark registration
  • mTLD's systems and processes have been designed to make the application as easy as possible however it will not be possible to process incomplete registrations. It is up to each applicant to ensure that the information provided is both complete and accurate.
  • mTLD will randomly verify a trademark owner's documents during this period.
Domain names can be composed of ASCII characters identical to the textual or word elements of the mark only. Full details are available in the Sunrise FAQ.
Sunrise registrations are only accepted for a minimum term of two years up to a maximum of ten.

mTLD will process requests for Sunrise using a first-come, first-served basis.
The Sunrise Registration Period begins on Monday June 12th, 2006 and closes on Monday 21st August 2006. Trademark holders interested in registering their marks are required to submit the necessary information to an ICANN and dotmobi accredited registrar.
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