What are the benefits of dotmobi
For Cellular Consumers:
The world is evolving to the point where no one who owns a mobile phone leaves home without it. Young or old, working or retired, male or female, the world’s cellular phone users always take their phones with them wherever they go. It is only natural that they expect to access the Internet from their mobile device.
dotmobi sites will make sure that the sites provide a consistent, reliable and convenient experience for the world’s cellular phone users.
For Mobile Operators
The dotmobi domain intends to connect mobile users with the vast amount of currently inaccessible Internet content, which is expected to result in significantly increasing the data RPU for mobile operators.

It is expected that operators and manufacturers will automatically enable .mobi domains to become a default name to search on mobile devices. Mobil operators are an extremely experienced group that is focused on a seamless, branded customer experience. Dotmobi provides mobile operators the ability to bring wireless data services over the Internet, integrated with bundled services and tariffs, designed to suit different user profiles.

Get first dibs on all relevant .mobi domain names. Increase data services revenue. Cement customer loyalty. Provide additional value to your existing business customers.
For Handset Manufacturers and Infrastructure Companies
The whole mobile Internet experience is being transformed, and the users are finally in the driving seat. Mobile devices are being increasingly used to access the Internet. As a result, mobile devices themselves are continuing to evolve, adding more and more features that rely on Internet and data access.

Last year, 56 per cent of multimedia phone owners used it to browse their operator's portal, as opposed to 36 per cent in 2004. Yet those 56 per cent only browsed 'at least once per month.' That’s a massive missed opportunity.

dotmobi opens up this opportunity, making internet access from mobile devices a consistently great experience.
For Content and Application Developers
The dotmobi domain is your new online launch pad – your route to the mobile market. You could reach an audience approaching two billion mobile users!

The dotmobi domain opens up the door to a massive new audience – the mobile Internet user. Remember that many more people in the world have access to an Internet ready mobile device than a PC with Internet access. Having a way to reach them makes your business global. Anyone, anywhere, with mobile Internet access, can be your customer.

Dotmobi is your powerful new commercial opportunity. It’s made for mobile. It’s designed to make your business simple to represent, browse, and do business with - from a mobile phone.

For web developers, the dotmobi domain means an opportunity to enable your customers to really exploit the potential of a mobile online presence. Dotmobi domains employ simple and straightforward best practice guidelines called Switch On! Guides. These ensure that the services and content will work on mobile devices to best possible effect.

If you would like to learn more about our efforts with the developer community, or would like to be a part of the first innovators to work with dotmobi simply let us know.
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