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.mobi is a top-level domain approved by ICANN as a sponsored TLD. It will be restricted to mobile devices and sites providing services for them. It is sponsored by a consortium of companies including 3, Ericsson, GSM Association, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, Syniverse, T-mobile, Telefonica, TIM and Vodafone. As of July 2005, negotiations for its management were underway.

It is not yet possible to register .mobi domains. Dot Mobi domains will be registered through ICANN accredited registrars. Please check back to this page for updates on when and where to register .mobi domains.
The .mobi tld will be launced in the first half of 2006 starting with a so-called "sunrise" period for trademark owners. After the sunrise period will come a "Landrush" where people without prior rights can get their .mobi domains.
CNN - New .mobi Web suffix for phones
Consumers will soon be able to recognize Web sites specially designed for use by mobile phones by the new ".mobi" suffix, which will be introduced alongside the popular ".com" and other top-level domain names. New .mobi Domain Approved
ICANN has approved the creation of the new .mobi top level domain.
Mobile devices compatible with the .mobi top level domain extension
On this page we will present devices which support the new .mobi top level domain.
The .mobi top level domain will make it easier to access Internet services using mobile devices.
The .mobi extension indicates to the user that the content has been optimized for mobile devices.
Please note that the official site is available at MTLD.MOBI
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